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A Revolutionary Permanent Granite Sealant

The standard sealers in the industry today are penetrating sealers. Which means oils, acidic juices, alcohol and stains may still damage the surface of your stone.

The Granite Shield process cleans and lifts dirt out of the pores while being applied and chemically polishes granite leaving it cleaner, smoother, shinier, maintenance free and chemical free for the like of the stone. Even the best polished piece of granite will be smoother and shinier once Granite Shield is applied. Granite Shield will noticeably decrease the uneven nooks and crevices of your sotne, but will not fill them in. This permanent barrier stops the oils and stains from entering your stone. Granite Shield will last the lifetime of your stone surface.

Granite Shield Features

  • Permanent Stain Protection
  • Lifetime Transferrable Warranty
  • Natural Colors Are Preserves For A Lifetime
  • Ready For Immediate Use After Professional Application
  • Reduces And Slows Etching Of Calcite Based Stoens By 80%
  • Prevents Germs And Bacteria From Penetrating Stone