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Granite Shield Permanent Lifetime Sealer

1. 5 Deep Penetrating Chemicals For Permanent Bonding Protection.

2. Leaves Granite The Same Natural Color Only A Deeper Penetrating Shine.

3. Less Than 3 Ounces Of Each Product Seals A 60 Square Ft Kitchen.

4. Flameproof Seal, Heat Will Not Affect Granite Shield.

5. Granite Shield Becomes Inert After Application And Meets FDA And AMA Guidelines.

6. Applied At Fabrication Location And Customers Home To Seal All Edges And Seams.

7. Deep Penetration Lifts Contaminates Out Of Stone Leaving Stone Cleaner And Permanently Bonded Thru Catalyzing Carbon Crystal.

8. No Off-Gassing And Countertops Are Ready Immediately For Use.

9. Sweet Smelling Chemicals Leave Pleasant Scent After Application And Dissipates Instantly.

10. Natural Colors Are Preserved For A Lifetime.

11. Warranty Is Against Any Failure Of The Seal And Will Replace Material If The Stone Cannot Be Restored To Original State.

12. Warranty Is Backed By A Multimillion Dollar Company.

13. Sealer Can Be Added To Any Stone Anywhere In The World.

14. Granite Shield Is The First Branded Granite Sealant On The Planet To Receive The Kosher Certification.

The Granite Shield Process

Craig Phillips is the creator of the Granite Shield permanent granite lifetime sealing process. Granite Shield was started and developed in 2002. Craig’s background includes owning a custom shutter business for approximately 15 years and was a kitchen designer for Home Base and Home Depot for approximately 9 years. Having sold granite and engineered stone counter tops for many years Craig noticed the main reason why the public does not choose granite for their counter top needs has been because of the high expense, maintenance and staining issues.

Who We Are

We are a family owned company who firmly believe in this revolutionary process. Granite Shield was actually the first company to offer granite that never needs to be sealed again if sealed with the Granite Shield process. The Granite Shield process was created in 2002 by Craig Phillips and has no restrictions and is maintenance free plus you can even use Windex and Clorox wipes. Stonemark By Innovative Stone with Permashield, Granite Certified By DuPont, Cosentino Sensa with Sensaguard still say you need to clean up spills immediately on their granite counter tops and have requirements or their stain resistant warranty is void. Granite Shield has no restrictions on maintaining their sealed granite and you don’t have to worry about wiping spills up immediately.