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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Use Granite Shield And Not A Sealer Off The Shelf?

With Granite Shield, your granite becomes maintenance free and you receive a LIFETIME WARRANTY. You never have to seal your stone counter top again. With all other sealers, you need to seal your stone every six months to a year. Even then, over-the-counter sealers will allow stains through, especially acidic juices, alcohol, vinegar and oil.

Will Granite Shield Increase The Shine On My Counter Top?

Yes! If your counter top is glossy, Granite Shield increases the shine on your counter top considerably.

Will I Still Be Able To See The Pits And Fissures In My Stone?

Granite Shield noticeably decreases the natural pits and fissures in stone, but will not fill them in.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Granite Shield?

An average sized kitchen counter top takes approximately 1 – 2 hours to apply by our authorized applicators.

Do I Need To Let My Stone “Cure” After Granite Shield Has Been Applied?

No. Your stone will be ready for use as soon as Granite Shield is applied.

May I Apply Granite Shield Myself?

Because of our LIFETIME WARRANTY, only an authorized applicator may apply Granite Shield.

Will My Marble & Travertine Still Be Able To Etch?

There is no product on the market that can make marble or travertine etch-proof; however, Granite Shield will reduce the etching on your marble and travertine up to 80% and Granite shield has etch removal polishes which take about 5 minutes to remove an etch or re-polish. Acidic juices, alcohol and vinegar can etch your marble and travertine if it is left unattended on your stone surface.

Will My Granite Still Be Able To Etch?

No. Granite Shield is etch-proof on granite and we back that up with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Absolute Black and Blue Bahia can etch because they have Calcite in them.

What If I Already Have Stains And/Or Etches In My Stone?

Granite Shield applicators will be able, for a fee, to remove any stains or etches in your stone. In most areas we offer full restoration services to our customers. Can Granite Shield Be Applied Outdoors? Yes. Granite Shield can be applied to any surface outdoors. Is Granite Shield Used Only On Stone Products? No. All hard surfaces can be protected with Granite Shield: all stones, glass, stainless steel, wood, cement, brick, fiberglass, porcelain, tile, grout and MUCH MORE!